St Paul Franklin

Nangsta Cream Whippers

When I first heard about Nangsta I was excited! I had only been to one cream-whipping place in my life (a really old one) and that was at work, so Nangsta seemed like a really good place to learn new skills and try some of my new recipes. The location is quite small, almost certainly could be taken away and setup in a bigger space if needed, but the space itself is perfect for experimenting with different flavours and styles of whipped cream. The atmosphere is a bright and cheerful one, with lots of happy clients and staff. The Nangsta kitchen is also open to the public, so they too can whip up some yummy treats.

My visit to Nangsta was only short of a week ago, but I already know that this little shop will be a staple in my household for a very long time. It is so easy to whip up some fantastic Nangsta treats. I love the large selection of cream whippers available. There is a wonderful selection of white and milk cream available to choose from, and the recipes are both fun and easy to follow. The prices are reasonably priced, especially when you consider how many recipes there are for a simple cream Whipper plus a few extras such as: banana splits, fudge, peanut butter and trail mix.

In my opinion the biggest perk of Nangsta for me has been all the customer service I have received. They are always friendly and helpful, and always have fresh cream waiting for customers. The staff are always willing to help a new customer feel confident in his purchase.

Of course, customer service isn’t the only reason to try out Nangsta. The atmosphere itself is a wonderful one. There is a lot of clientele that comes and goes during the day, but on sunny days the atmosphere is absolutely beautiful. I find it hard to focus on anything when the place is this awesome. I guess the combination of the delicious ice cream and the warm atmosphere is what pulls me in every time.

Overall I must say that Nangsta Cream Whippers is my favorite shop to go to. The atmosphere is extremely warm and friendly, and the prices are just right for everyone. Plus they have a wonderful selection of cream whippers, so everyone can get what they want for a reasonable price. And in my opinion, customer service is absolutely amazing.

I have been to many stores with all different types of cream whippers. You get the best cream whippers from places like Dairy Queen, Denny’s, and even Yoplait, but Nangsta definitely takes the cake. The prices are great, the customer service is outstanding, and the selection is amazing. It is definitely one of my favorite places to go shopping for cream whippers. The cream gets cold right away, so I don’t have to wait very long before it gets to me!